Our English Language Learners (ELL) Program

In many of the schools we service, English is not the primary language spoken at home. To help these students HigherSchool provides intensive small group and online instruction. Students are assessed at regular intervals during the first few sessions allowing our instructors to pinpoint learning gaps in their understanding. Based on those results our instructors create individual learning objectives and differentiate the instruction according to the individual needs of each student.

Additionally, we offer an instructional framework wherein strategies are introduced through direct, teacher-modeled instruction, followed by scaffolding to help students as they apply the strategies independently. Through the use of differentiated instruction, explicit instruction, graphic organizers, and theme-based instruction, ELL students are given the support they need to succeed. The program uses explicit instruction in the teaching of the strategies, found to be especially important to the learning outcomes of low-achieving students. The use of graphic organizers provides students with visual displays that help them comprehend and retain textually important information.

For our ELL math students we administer an assessment to help minimize the impact of language on the students' math performance. This assessment is also used in schools with students more than a year behind grade level allowing us to ascertain when instruction can begin within the Scope and Sequence of math skills. Instruction is scaffolded and differentiated to support struggling learners, higher performing students, and Exceptional Learners (Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners).


ELL Results Increased by 21%

Composite Results for Grades 1-8