Our Literacy Program

HigherSchool’s program of instruction delivers individualized, online lesson modules, complemented by diagnostics and assessments, and hands-on, differentiated activities and instruction led by a highly qualified instructor. Instruction is provided in Reading/Language Arts to students from PreK to Grade 12. HigherSchool uses a differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of all learners - struggling, high performing, and the exceptional learner.

HigherSchool's Reading and Language Arts instruction uses a Balanced Literacy approach. Literacy lessons include a rich balance of literary and informational texts and teaches reading standards from a variety of genres. Through close reading of complex texts, inquiry focused on higher order thinking and evidenced based reasoning, and cross-curricular exposure to the Standards HigherSchool exposes students to 21st century skills and prepares them to be college and career ready. Explicit and theme-based instruction and the use of mental models such as graphic organizers, reinforce active reading strategies as a means for improving reading comprehension.

HigherSchool provides rigorous instruction based on the Common Core Learning Standards using a proven, gradual-release approach that builds student confidence. This research-based model provides modeled instruction, guided instruction, guided practice, and independent practice. English Language Arts/Reading lessons include a rich balance of literary and informational text, feature the specific genres identified in the Standards and contain authentic texts consistent with Common Core complexity guidelines. Instruction and activities foster a close reading of short, complex text and include text-dependent, evidence-based questions.

Our online lessons provide explicit instruction on key skills across all domains.

Students are assessed individually to determine a specific text reading level, rather than grade level, which more accurately pinpoints the students’ continuous progress along these levels. This type of assessment allows our instruction to be data-driven, with reading materials adjusted accordingly. Research has shown that the single most critical factor that will determine the success of an intervention for struggling readers is matching struggling readers with text that they can actually read using appropriately difficult texts.

As students read texts that are organized along a gradient of difficulty, the children expand their toolbox of reading strategies. They provide evidence of their thinking and response to the literature through discussion and writing. Through ongoing assessment and observation, the HigherSchool instructors identify the specific behaviors and understandings that need to be addressed in their interventions.


Title I Literacy Program
HigherSchool's Title I Literacy and Math programs have helped our at-risk students become more successful by learning how to use tools and strategies to improve their reading and math skills. As a result of this program, our students are progressing in their regular classes and are more confident in their ability to learn.
Jennie Work Assistant Principal, Evangel Christian School, Long Island, NY


Literacy Results Increased by 27%

Composite Results for Grades 1-8