Nonpublic Schools Program


HigherSchool Instructional Services is uniquely qualified to provide a high-quality instructional program to nonpublic school students from prekindergarten through high school. We have more than ten years of success providing instructional services in Language Arts, Math, and ESL to thousands of Title I students attending public, nonpublic, and charter schools in Maryland, Michigan, New York, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania.


HigherSchool's research-based program is focused on providing students with a strong foundation in basic skills and with the tools to help them perform on grade level. A strong and effective research-based curriculum, combined with highly-qualified instructors, ensures that students enrolled in our program are given all the tools they need to succeed. Our award winning program has been recognized as one of the most effective instructional programs available anywhere.


HigherSchool has simultaneously managed instructional programs in multiple nonpublic schools, in multiple districts, without compromising the academic or instructional quality of our program. We provide evidence that our students have shown significant and measurable academic improvement.


With the understanding that the needs of our students extends beyond just academic instruction, we provide a complete solution to the nonpublic school community, which includes enrichment, extended learning, blended instruction, professional development, counseling and parent involvement training.

We have and continue to work extremely hard to garner the respect of the principals, teachers, parents and district staff we work with but we are especially proud of the academic improvement evidenced by our students.