Our Parent Engagement Workshops

We have made parent outreach an integral component of our program, employing a rigorous effort to enlist the cooperation of parents in their child’s learning experience. We use every opportunity to explain to parents that student academic achievement is a collaborative effort that is greatly enhanced by their involvement. We believe the effectiveness of our parent outreach is directly correlated to the academic improvement in our children.

Parents receive lessons and tips from trained workshop presenters on how to help their child improve academically. Our presenters also discuss with parents what their child is being taught in our program and how that compliments regular classroom instruction. Additionally, parents will receive information and materials that address homework issues, study skills, and organization skills.

David Irving, the founder of HigherSchool, is the author of The Parent's Guide to Better Grades: 7 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance. Mr. Irving has presented parental involvement workshops throughout the country and HigherSchool continues to use the success of this program in serving our partner schools. These workshops have been an effective tool to increase parent participation at school events, to offer guidance to parents, and to help establish a dialogue between parents and teachers. Research shows that as parental involvement increases, schools notice a corresponding improvement in classroom participation and grades.


Parent Engagement Workshop
After I attended HigherSchool’s parent workshops, I learned some steps I could take at home to help my child. We started with some simple math games and reading together every night. What a difference!
Parent Samuel F.B. Morse Elementary School, Baltimore, MD