Professional Development

HigherSchool provides school-based coaching and professional development workshops to nonpublic school classroom teachers of participating Title I students. We also provide professional development, under Title II to principals, school staff and teachers in public and nonpublic schools and, under Title III, we provide professional development to teachers of English Language Learners.

We focus on providing teachers with the tools and teaching strategies to better understand and teach children with learning differences. Last year, in addition to on-going training for our instructors, HigherSchool provided over 200 professional development and coaching workshops to Title I Nonpublic schoolteachers. We subscribe to the view that in order for sound instructional practice to be embedded, professional development must be provided continuously throughout the year.

The purpose of HigherSchool’s professional development workshops is to increase the academic achievement of all students by helping improve the quality of instruction and leadership. For our students’ success in today’s world, emphasis must be placed on critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. HigherSchool offers workshops to pedagogical staff and educational administrators (K-12) to support this initiative through creating a culture of continuous learning for all.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Classroom Management
  • Youth Development Principles
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Assessment Design and Data Analysis

We begin by creating a professional development plan with the school, and determining agenda topics. HigherSchool structures its sessions in two to three hour blocks, up to a full day, and may include a blend of small group workshops and one-on-one coaching. Our sessions promote shared purpose, collaborative activity and reflective dialogue, as well as sustainable and shared leadership. Besides presenting introductory workshops, coaches model and observe individual participants applying a new strategy or skill, as well as debriefing the participants to clarify any issues that arise during the modeling or observation sessions. These observations are documented and feedback is provided to the participants.

Progress is measured by student performance, and yearly evaluations. If the measured outcome is determined to be ineffective we then design a plan to increase teacher and staff effectiveness through additional professional development and training.


Professional Development Workshops
The coach that HigherSchool provided for our non-public school teacher training has been very effective. Our 1st and 2nd grade teachers have incorporated many of her multi-sensory approaches that help their students improve their decoding skills. They really like the coaching format which allows them to watch the coach apply the strategy in each of their classes.
Brocha Retek Principal, Gan Yisroel Elementary School, Brooklyn, NY