Dr. Patrick Haggarty

Patrick Haggarty’s education career began as a classroom teacher and continued until his professional experience included teaching K – 8, high school, and graduate school students. While refining his teaching skill set, he continued to pursue advanced education, earning both his masters and doctoral degrees.

Dr. Haggarty was a high school principal, a K-12 school system president and superintendent of the Catholic Dioceses of Montana, followed by superintendent of the Archdiocese of Seattle, where he provided guidance to 74 schools and represented 22,000 students throughout Western Washington.

Dr. Haggarty has a passion for Montana, the state where his family grew up. He is a firm believer in the importance of a values-based education for children and families, as well as building relationships to broaden the circle of influence for private school success.

Tiffany Wilbur
Manager - Professional Learning and Development

Tiffany started her career in the classroom, working with middle school students and students with special needs. She transitioned from teaching to designing and customizing on-demand learning for the K-12 and corporate markets. She has dedicated her time to elevating the learning of students, teachers, and professionals alike, through her work with educational publishing and video production. Tiffany was also Director of Operations and Content in Arizona, aligning technology and video with effective and engaging learning products. Her desire to engineer and deliver impactful solutions to all learners is matched only by her passion for people.

Dr. Susan Abelein
Academic Coaching Manager

Dr. Susan Abelein has served as a teacher, principal, diocesan administrator, and consultant in parochial and private Catholic education for over twenty years. She served as the Associate Superintendent for Leadership, Innovation, and Growth for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools and within this context serves as Director of the ADLA Dual Language Immersion Network and Director of Leadership Formation, Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Recruitment for the Archdiocese of New York, President and Principal at St. Aloysius in New York, Principal at Verbum Dei in Los Angeles, and Principal of St. Paul of the Cross in La Mirada, California, as well as, a Teacher in Guam and California. Dr. Abelein has worked with more than thirty dioceses across the United States on topics including: systemic professional learning communities, operational vitality, invitational education, goal-setting, walkthroughs and supervision, Common Core ELA and Common Core Mathematics.

Dr. Abelein earned a Ph.D. in Education Policy, Planning and Administration from the University of Southern California, a M.Ed. in Leadership from the University of Portland, and a B.A. in English with Secondary Education from the State University of New York at Geneseo. She holds New York State permanent certification in English/Secondary Level and School Admin/Supervision.

Dr. Abelein has taught numerous graduate courses at Marian University, Loyola Marymount University, Fordham University, St. John’s University, and the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Abelein served on the Board of Directors at America Press, Inc., supports LAMP, a non-profit funding various education and welfare projects in southern India, and supports Many Hopes, a non-profit whose mission is to “find, rescue, house, love and educate orphaned and abandoned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya and equip them to be the future agents of change in their community.”

Dr. Abelein was awarded Fulbright Specialist Scholar roster candidate status in March 2011.

Elizabeth Shelton
Accounts & Contracts Director

During her career, Elizabeth has worked in accounting, finance, and business development with a focus on businesses with an educational purpose. She loves the responsibility that comes with being part of a large, dominant financial services company with direct connections to schools and students. In having the resources to support schools, she believes we can truly make a difference in the lives of children. Elizabeth’s passion is enhanced by her children, especially the opportunity to teach her son to learn and love to read.

Miriam Friedman
Program Director, New York

Miriam Friedman is the Program Director of HigherSchool's Title I Nonpublic School Program under the New York City Department of Education. Prior to joining HigherSchool in 2009, Miriam was the principal of Machon Academy in Briarwood, New York, for twelve years, a school primarily attended by English Language Learners. Prior to becoming principal Miriam was an administrator and taught integrated high school math.

Under Miriam's leadership and guidance the number of nonpublic schools we service has grown exponentially. To manage our instructional programs in these schools, Miriam directs a team of 200 administrators, staff and instructors.

As our liaison to the Department of Education Miriam is constantly working to improve the Title I program on behalf of our participating students, schools and instructors and to ensure that the educational needs of both the schools and the targeted children are met. Miriam is readily available to the non-public school administrators, and is always eager to hear their concerns and feedback in an effort to constantly fine tune our program.

School Relations and Coordinators

New York School Relations
- Rabbi Greenfield

New York Site Coordinators
- Victoria Kemp
- Fradel Mashitz
- Mechal Srour
- Yisroel Schachter
- Bernard Zitronenbaum