Student Support Services

HigherSchool employs a pool of certified guidance counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers with extensive experience in child and family counseling.

Counseling offers students an opportunity to develop caring relationships with responsible adults who are specially trained to address their social and emotional needs. It provides students with the opportunity to discuss their goals, explore and learn about the obstacles that may be negatively affecting their academic development, and how to overcome these obstacles. Through this process students learn how to:

  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Develop the skills to resolve problems
  • Improve their behavior
  • Set and achieve personal goals
  • Work and collaborate with classmates
  • Develop better social skills
  • Reduce bullying behaviors
  • Resolve conflict
  • Control impulsivity
  • Develop organizational skills
  • Manage anger
  • Become more comfortable around others
  • Adhere to school rules and regulations
Student Support
Each student that participated in this program exhibited growth in specific skill areas, displaying the benefits of involvement in the program. HigherSchool was beneficial to the academic success of our students.
Sean Davis Principal, Hendley Elementary School, Washington, D.C.