Targeted Instruction

HigherSchool is widely regarded as having one of the most effective instructional programs available to augment your existing instructional program. We are uniquely qualified to provide high-quality targeted instruction to students in need of academic intervention. Our program is focused on providing students with a strong foundation in basic skills and the tools to help them perform on grade level. We employ highly trained instructors who work with these students to provide them with intensive remediation using a targeted research-based curriculum. Rather than offer a standard, packaged curriculum we provide students with a curriculum differentiated to their abilities, one that meets the needs of all learners including struggling, high performing, and exceptional students.

We assess our students at the beginning of the program to determine their proficiency and at the end of the program to determine if, and by how much, they improved. Our assessment pinpoints the actual level of performance in order to target instruction. By using an adaptive diagnostic assessment, student needs are identified down to the sub-skill level providing teachers with an action plan for success for each student.

The schools we work with recognize our commitment to ensure that students enrolled in our program are provided with all of the resources they need to succeed.